Perfect Option for a Whiter Smile

AZ Molina

The whitening of teeth is a safe treatment that can help remove years of staining brought on by the external stains produced by drinks, food, and smoking.

There are different options for removing external stains. Some include whitening toothpaste, over the counter whitening strips, and professional custom bleach trays.

There is a new in-office system with professional results in about one hour. Opalescence Boost is an in-office activated whitening treatment. It’s ideal for people who have a special event coming up and don’t have time to wear the traditional custom bleach trays. There is no light needed which makes the procedure comfortable. When you purchase the in-office whitening, you will receive custom trays and whitening gel to take home so you can maintain that beautiful, white smile!

Opalescence Boost is a fantastic option which Cedar Lodge Dental Group looks forward to providing for you. Call our office at 785-625-7369 to schedule your treatment.

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