Teething Tips and Tricks

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  • April 15, 2019
  • Cedar Lodge Dental

Megan Sanders, RDH

A teething baby is SO much fun! …Said nobody EVER! Teething babies is a topic many parents speak with our dental team about. They express frustration due to lack of sleep and not knowing how to help their fussy child. This is a topic I can personally relate to as I have a little one at home in the early stages of teething. “How do I know if my baby teething? I don’t see any teeth?” Here are a few helpful tips and tricks!

“When does teething begin?”

Although teething varies from child to child, most children begin the teething process around 6 months old. The two lower front teeth (central incisors) generally appear first followed by the front upper teeth.

“What are signs my baby is teething?”

  • Crankiness and irritability
  • Increased drooling
  • Chewing on hands and/or objects
  • Red sore/tender gums
  • Loss of appetite

“What are some ways to comfort my teething child”

  • Rub your baby’s gums: Use a nubby, clean finger, cool damp wash rag and gently massage the gum tissue
  • Keep it cool: Try freezing teething toys for your child to chew on
  • Mesh baby food holders: Place fruits/veggies in a mesh holder and allow the child to chew on that! It soothes the gums and satisfies their bellies!
  • Tylenol: If you’re comfortable with it… no harm in giving them a little Tylenol to relieve some discomfort. Make sure you’re giving the correct dosage for your child’s weight.

As a parent, the best we can do is give our littles extra love and ride it out. It’s a temporary process and will eventually pass!

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