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You’re my #2

Ashley Roth

My husband and I have a saying in our house, “You’re my #2!” Blake, my husband of 3 ½ years and father of our baby girl Chloe, says this to me with love and endearment. To most this may not seem like a very dangerous statement. You may be thinking, well what the heck is #1?! Surprisingly, it’s not our child.

Something we learned the hard way and early in our relationship was that above all else, Jesus must hold the place of #1 in each of our lives and in our hearts. Oswald Chambers put it like this, “No love of the natural heart is safe unless the human heart has been satisfied by God first.” If I look to my husband, my child, or my job to fulfill every need—emotional, physical, or spiritual—I will end up disappointed. With unmet needs, we will begin to look to other things or people to meet our needs. Our spouse was never made to meet all our needs. Only the Lord knows the deep desires of our hearts, and only He can give us all that we need, when we need it.

Cedar Lodge has a philosophy of God, Family, Practice—in that order. Jesus said to seek the kingdom first, and when we seek him with all our heart, we would find him. In seeking our heavenly Father, we learn about who he is and how he made us. We are made in his image after all.

It’s a question of priorities, who and what you’re putting first. It’s easy to put a job first, especially when performance and sacrificing is praised by a boss or co-workers. I remember one employee saying no to adding to her work load. That took such courage. I highly respect the decision because she made it for herself and for her family. She knew her priorities.

Kids! I only have one, and oh how life has changed! While children do take a lot of time, dedication, and love, they were never meant to become our primary focus. Many times, parents put their children first for 18 years, to then become empty nesters and not know the person they married. Relationships take time and commitment. One must continue to relate to their spouse because we all change. We were meant to grow. I hope I change from who I am today! If in 20 years I’m still the person I am today, something has gone terribly wrong. So, continue to have date nights, give your spouse a hug or a kiss when you get home. Show them in big and small ways that they are a priority.

Where are things out of balance in your life? What can you do to bring balance to your relationships and responsibilities? Make small, simple changes. Leave work 15 minutes earlier. Take a walk with your family. Have an hour of no technology. Go to bed earlier. Let’s not just make it through life. Jesus didn’t die for us to survive. He died so we could have LIFE, LIFE TO FULL, IN ABUNDANCE, TILL IT OVERFLOWS.
“You’re my #2.” It reminds me when I get my priorities out of line and who needs to be #1 in my life.

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